How to Join mensa

To become a member of Mensa, you must be able to show you have an IQ higher than that of 98% of the world's population. There are two ways to join: pass our entrance examination, or submit evidence of prior qualification. Please note the acceptable methods for payment of fees, below.

1) The Mensa Supervised Entrance Examination: For candidates without prior evidence of their eligibility we offer a supervised qualifying test for a fee of $90 - $70 for students providing a valid student ID. (High school, University or College). Group testing sessions are held regularly in every major city across Canada. We administer two different tests, and you will be invited to join Mensa if you qualify on either one. Tests can be given to anyone aged 14 or older. Click HERE to request a test or HERE for more information.

2) Preliminary Home Test: We also offer a preliminary practice test for a fee of $25 that you may try at home in private. Although you must pass a supervised test to qualify for membership, many candidates have found this preliminary test extremely helpful. This is especially true if it has been some time since you last took a timed, written examination. This test is suitable for those twelve years and older. To receive the preliminary home test, contact the National Office, listed here.

3) Prior Evidence: If you have already written a qualifying IQ test, you may be eligible for membership without any further testing. Please go the Prior Evidence page to review some acceptable test scores and specific instructions on the necessary documentation. The fee for this evaluation is $25. Once it is verified that you are qualified, you will be invited to join our society.

Annual Membership Fee: $60 - *Student: $38 - Family: $82
When renewing for 2 years: $110 - *Student: $70 - Family: $150
*: Full time student as of December 31 of the previous membership year -- submit a copy of your valid student ID.

Fees may be paid by: cheque or money order made payable to Mensa Canada, or by credit card - provide 1. card holder name and address and 2. card type, number and expiry date.

Mensa Canada Society, P.O. Box 1570
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 5C8

Phone: 613-547-0824
Fax: 613-531-0626

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